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Facility Rentals, Tours & Photo Shoots

From remarkable corporate events to custom-designed weddings, engagement parties and family reunions, The Colorado Springs School offers spaces for rent.



The Colorado Springs School is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all and aims to accommodate any persons with disabilities while on its 28-acre campus. More than 125 parking spaces, including numerous handicap-designated areas, are available to visitors. Our eight-building campus includes elevator access within the El Pomar Academic Center (Upper School) and Louise Honnen Tutt Field House (Gymnasium), as well as upper- and lower-level entrances to the Lewis B. Maytag Dining Hall and Louisa Performing Arts Center (Theatre). Our 22,000-square-foot Trianon – added to the National Register of Historic Places in the late ’70s – also includes a wheelchair-accessible ramp on its west end for access to the ground floor only. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms can be found in the Louisa Performing Arts Center, Louise Honnen Tutt Field House, El Pomar Academic Center, and Children’s Academic Center, with additional restrooms located in the Trianon, Early Childhood Center, Maytag Dining Hall, and Carriage House as well.

The Quad

Book a Photo Shoot

The Colorado Springs School's grounds are considered private property and monitored by an outside security company. Occasionally, the School does permit photo shoots for family and senior portraits, corporate modeling and film projects. This is typically limited to exterior spaces on campus, including the Trianon Terrace, the pond, the Quad and the tree-lined property. We kindly ask that you gain permission and approval to be on campus and consider making a donation to the School, a 501c3.


The Historic Trianon

The Trianon, our signature building, was constructed in 1907 as the home of Charles and Virginia Baldwin. A replica of the Grand Trianon of Versailles in France, this structure includes many of the same architectural and aesthetic details as the original, making it an unusually distinctive edifice in the Rocky Mountain West. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, 10 years after the School purchased the estate from a private owner.

The restoration of the building is an ongoing capital improvement project. Improvements are being actively made to keep the building operational as a 21st century learning environment, improve energy efficiency, and maintain its historical aesthetic qualities.

Schedule a Historic Tour

Private tours of the Trianon building can be made by appointment only, with a volunteer docent and suggested donation.